ThrowawayTestr 3 days ago

Thank goodness I live in a rich, western country that won't see the horrible effects of climate change until the very end. Let's me downplay the severity of these kinds of events really easily.

8bitsrule 3 days ago

NPR article [0] points to climate as one of the causes. It also points to an analysis [1] that adds "The devastating impacts were also driven by the proximity of human settlements, infrastructure (homes, buildings, bridges), and agricultural land to flood plains, inadequate infrastructure, limited ex-ante risk reduction capacity, an outdated river management system ..."



  • SanjayMehta 3 days ago

    Pakistan's population is around 220 million, spends around 4% of its GDP on its terrorist infested "army."

    Indonesia's population is around 310 million, spends under 1% of its GDP on defense.

    Maybe Pakistan should think about using their money more on infrastructure than on proxy terrorism via their army and the ISI.

llampx 3 days ago

Simply incredible, the devastation.