hilbert42 3 days ago

Thank goodness I'm not a Facebook/Meta user and that JavaScript is defaulted to off in my web browsers.

The more one reads about this company the more one realizes what a nasty paraiah it is. We've already seen enough of its atrocious behavior over recent years for governments to act and this latest outrage ought to be the last straw. They've no longer any excuse not to do so.

If I had my way I'd regulate it out of existence. The damage it and its cohorts have already done to the internet is incalculable.

aiddun 3 days ago

> Meta's business model depends on selling user data to advertisers

This is just wrong, right?

  • jamra 2 days ago

    I believe it’s to sell ads and show the advertisers that ads were sold. Not to sell user data to advertisers. That sounds wrong.