ALittleLight a year ago

"It added the 16% rate was 'an unusually high value' for a July month. The bloc had 3% excess mortality in the same period in 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 6% in 2021."

Am I reading correctly that this implies, at least for the month of July, that heat killed more people than the pandemic?

  • netrus a year ago

    Yes, but it is an unfortunate selection of data, as excess death due to Covid in the EU mostly happened in two waves, non of which extended to July. But I don't want to downplay the impact of heat waves, they death spike associated with them is interesting, and underappreciated by the public.

  • retinaros a year ago

    dont forget that anyone who died from the flu was tagged as covid death. just look at flu death in 2018 and during covid

    • regularjack a year ago

      Well, yes, flu doesn't propagate as much when everyone is staying in and using masks.

      • retinaros a year ago

        but covid does?

        • somewhereoutth a year ago

          Yes, basically. It is far more contagious than flu. Even assuming it is 'just the flu' in terms of impact of a single bout on an individual (and there is plenty of evidence it is much worse than the flu), the fact that it spreads so easily and can re-infect so readily makes it a very serious public health issue.

QuasarOne a year ago

How many of them died due to heat?

In a massice 2015 Lancet study of temperature related fatalities worldwide, they found 17 times more fatalities due to cold than heat. Even in tropical countries there were more people dying due to cold-related issues.

  • Schroedingersat a year ago
    • thunky a year ago

      Great insight.

      The article says "thousands", which makes it difficult to determine how many of the reported excess deaths were due to the heat.

      • Schroedingersat a year ago

        It's not making any claim about any particular deaths having any particular cause.

        That's what excess deaths means.

        • thunky a year ago

          > It's not making any claim about any particular deaths having any particular cause.

          It is, and so are you. From TFA:

          led to thousands of heat-related deaths across Europe

          So asking how many thousands seems like a reasonable question.

          • Schroedingersat a year ago

            Yes. There were thousands of directly heat related deaths. You're welcome to look up all the disparate sources rather than concern trolling.

            The article is about the 53,000 excess deaths which would imply there was either an undetected major disaster centered around the hotter regions of europe during a record heatwave, or that it's worth investigating what the causal links were.

            At no point is it reasonable to try gaslighting people into somehow thinking it was cold as an anti-eu and anti-science dog whistle.

propogandist a year ago

The last spin in the campaign to blame excess deaths spike in the last year on anything, but that one thing they forced on everyone.

mickeymousr a year ago
  • nahstra a year ago

    Hows that work

    • mickeymousr a year ago
      • parker_mountain a year ago

        This is a fundamental, yet common, misunderstanding of how the system works. I hate to break it to you, but you're way off base on this one.

      • leducw a year ago

        I don't think this is true in the slightest. Where are your citations for this? This seems like pure conjecture.

      • nemothekid a year ago

        Why are europeans exclusively more susceptible to this?

        • mickeymousr a year ago


          • nemothekid a year ago

            Both the UK and Israel have had record heatwaves this past summer, but the deaths are caused "by the vaccine"; But other countries, without heatwaves and heavy vaccine penetration, like the US, Australia, or Japan are just lying and don't have accurate data?

            Is it that high heat causes the nano-particles in the vaccine to turn on the host?

          • mupuff1234 a year ago

            And why do you think it's the vaccine and not the actual virus?

Am4TIfIsER0ppos a year ago

"Good" the government says, "keep reducing the energy those peasants can use", and "the winter will kill them when we turn off the gas, lmao".