selama 2 months ago

This project is a result of my work on a separate project, XCiteDB, which is a NoSQL database for XML and JSON documents.

After working for some time on developing the query language for XCiteDB, I thought: "Hey, I think ~Q is really cool and could be useful even as a separate tool/library that allows running it directly on JSON files". And this is how I got to release it as a stand-alone open-source project.

Yes, there are zillions of other query languages for JSON, and many other tools. But ~Q's approach is different. One of the most common complaints I see about other query languages such as `jq` is that it could be hard to write queries that do exactly what you want it to do. By having a template-based approach where the structure of the query corresponds to the structure of the result, it is easier to understand what each query does and how it transforms/extracts information from JSON files.

I hope HN readers would find this useful, and would be happy to answer any questions.

selama 2 months ago

Introducing a new language for querying and transforming JSON documents, and a command line tool for querying JSON files