chrisseaton 2 months ago

> Another benefit of this approach is that it would be very easy to turn it off, and generate static code (like Java would) for production.

Note that there's already zero peak overhead to a switch point for an invoke dynamic call site, so 'turning it off' wouldn't make any difference to the machine code or speed of the program.

  • metadat 2 months ago

    What is meant by "zero peak overhead"? How is it different from "zero overhead"?

    • chrisseaton 2 months ago

      Depends on when you measure the overhead. Peak means when it’s running at its fastest.

      • metadat 2 months ago

        What is the cost at whatever the opposite of peak is called?

        • chrisseaton 2 months ago

          Cold performance, warmup time, wasted iterations, etc. Unfortunately it's impossible (as far as we know) to give a single scalar number for 'performance'.

georgeoliver 2 months ago

> Depending on the context, one of these particular forms may be more useful than the others. You may want to toggle the verbosity of names on the fly with a keybinding, perhaps.

A neat idea! Like semantic folding. Has anyone seen an editor that does this?