gameman144 a year ago

Having read the whole article, I'm still not sure why The Jetsons being iconic is a problem.

It seems like the thesis here is "The Jetsons inspired techno-optimism, and made fun of the future-person's distance from hard work, but didn't talk about the health impacts of people not having to physically work."

This all seems accurate, but I still have no idea why that's a problem. He-Man didn't delve into the risks of skin cancer from not wearing a shirt: okay. The Flintstones didn't critique or counter the car-centered society we have or its impact on climate: okay.

This seems like being mad at popcorn for not being broccoli; I guess there could be some things we could do to make it better for you, but that's not the purpose of popcorn, and it's not a particularly huge problem as-is.

  • sebastialonso a year ago

    I think the only problem is chastising a cartoon from the 60s targeted to kids for not including some sort of crusade as the current fads demands.

  • yucky a year ago

    >This seems like being mad at popcorn for not being broccoli

    Probably not your intention, but I don't know if I've ever read a more succinct description of the online behavior of Gen Z.

  • datadata a year ago

    I think article is saying the problem is not with the Jetsons, but with society. Meaning it is a problem we have realized the flawed vision of the future presented.

  • nix23 a year ago

    >He-Man didn't delve into the risks of skin cancer from not wearing a shirt: okay

    Maybe not, but he made it clear that stealing castles is a good thing...i mean have you seen castle grayscull? It's absolutely clear who's the real owner is...he and his gang of thief's are disgusting, shame on you He-Man!! ;)

    • isthisthingon99 a year ago

      It's funny how many such shows you go back and watch and realize the "bad guys" were basically being bullied by the "good guys" and you can empathize with the bad guys being bad.

      • justsomehnguy a year ago

        Watch the original Hanna-Barbera's Tom and Jerry.

        Most of the time Jerry dominates Tom, of course, but Tom do have the luck on his side too. And sometimes they are both lose (infamouse Blue Cat Blues).

        Now watch a couple of WB's Tweety or Wile E. Coyote shows. You will find yourself reaching for a gun even if you are the most pacificistiest person in the whole universe.

throwaway22032 a year ago

You could also rephrase it as being a tremendous and easy advantage for someone who wants to put in effort.

You can put yourself above the crowds by doing some of the following:

- not using Facebook/Twitter

- going to the gym

- cooking your own food

- reading books, doing some sort of self directed study

More generally, just not following the absolute minimum effort path.

Dracophoenix a year ago

>(“Lectronimo,” the nuclear-powered robotic dog, was a bit of a head scratcher, though.)

(E)lectron/(E)lectronic + -mo (as in the word "dynamo").