0xpotato 2 months ago

I created a simple bot that leverages the fact that the greatest web3 developers build and curate in public. I built it for web3 because (1) I work around these technologies and (2) the content curation in web3 is still a mess and there are no current good blogs out there that curate the best stuff in an agile way.

Every 24h, @stargazoor publishes a twitter thread that contains a self-curated list of open-source projects. Each project has, at least, 3 curated web3 developers starring it over the previous 24h.

These parameters may change in the future once the developer base grows.

I created @stargazoor under 3 premises:

a. Devs collect discoveries that they don't want to forget

b. Devs like to know and collect what the greatest devs know and collect

c. It's hard to find web3 alpha without coding

Would appreciate your feedback: 1. What do you think of the idea? 2. What are other tech verticals that could benefit from this idea? 3. Would it make sense to add a weekly newsletter on top?