biggerChris 2 months ago

Thanks. I code in python and Haskell 98% of the time. So I don’t know how math works. I guess it’s time to learn math, sadly my highest math is discrete mathematics. I have no idea what the hell I was doing. It’s all gibberish for a grade.

I’m Glad every equation i type into python or Haskell. I just get an answer.

>>> 2*2

... 4

I guess all these years has been leading me to read a math book. You better have some pretty pictures and cartoons like Haskell and python has for beginners.


It’s just another textbook if you google version 3. Don’t waste your time. There are no simple straightforward explanations. This is just another academia person flexing.

mindcrime 2 months ago

I happily announce that the future 4th edition of my book Linear Algebra Done Right will be an Open Access book. Thus the electronic version of the book will be legally free to the world. The print version, to be published by Springer, will be reasonably priced. -- Sheldon Axler