Ask HN: How do you personally use notebooks?

9 points by spencerchubb 16 days ago

When I use notebooks, I mostly use it for prototyping/debugging purposes. It's a nice way to run some code, skip around and rerun some code that was previously ran. And you can show the contents of variables.

When I started to think about it, I realized I mostly use a notebook like a time-travel debugger. So maybe I should just use a time-travel debugger, if I am mostly using notebooks in place of one.

mark_l_watson 16 days ago

I use Google Colab notebooks frequently. Free if you want, but I pay $10/month to get better GPUs for deep learning. Easier than using my GPU rig at home.

Not really Jupiter notebooks, but I am starting to experiment using GitHub Codespaces which is a remote VSCode environment. I like it for when I have unusually library requirements and setting up a container for sporadic use is sometimes worth the effort.