sorwin 3 days ago

Isn't this better...?

The more specialized they are, the better training they receive in that field

  • feet 3 days ago

    That must be why the specialized school police saved all those kids from being shot in uvalde

  • throwaheyy 3 days ago

    Training? What?

    It’s “jobs for the boys” and career protectionism.

  • stjohnswarts 2 days ago

    Being a resident and somewhat aware of the way state agencies work I suspect this is not the case other than maybe something like 40 hours worth of classes every 5 years or something.

lotsofpulp 3 days ago

Comment by Stephen in Apr 2014 did not age well:

> Texas is unique in a since that it has an overwhelming number of “specialized” police officers. City and county police officers are responsible to there locality, however school police are more localized for things like trained more heavily in active shooter scenarios with children present

> in a particular situation wouldn’t you want a law enforcer that is extremely knowledgeable in your particular problem?

glonq 3 days ago

As a non-American who lived in the US for many years, it always astonished me that they have so many levels of law enforcement.

It would be somewhat hypocritical for America[ns] to call other countries "police states".