thinkmcfly 4 days ago

I'd be scared to talk negative about embracer. MBS might order you to be chopped to bits in a back room over it.

Isn't taking Saudi money like Embracer group has a bit like openly taking mafia investments? When you do let them invest in you, the people who are critical of your operations might start falling out of windows or getting disappeared. Or maybe even chopped to bits in a back room while their wife waits outside for them.

  • feet 4 days ago

    Didn't Elon take Saudi money to help with the Twitter purchase?

    • martindbp 4 days ago

      They were already invested in Twitter, simply kept their shares after going private.

      • feet 3 days ago

        So the answer is essentially: yes he did

        • martindbp 3 days ago

          He bought a company which was partially owned by Saudis. There's a distinction.

          • feet 3 days ago

            He bought most shares of a company and took it private while not buying the Saudi's share

janalsncm 4 days ago

What seems especially wrong in this case is that as of now there isn’t even a warning on the App Store page letting me know that if I fork over $5 for this game I’ll only be able to play it for about 6 weeks. I feel like a warning is the bare minimum of decency here.

aliswe 3 days ago

A bit of context is that the game was released 8 years ago. Not saying the decision is understandable, but it's not like it's a brand new game in that sense.

Am4TIfIsER0ppos 3 days ago

Are they coming to your house and destroying the disk you keep the original drm free installer for this offline single player game? I'd hate to defend these people but if that is not what you "bought" then you shouldn't be surprised you're losing access.

  • account42 3 days ago

    We should absolutely complain about megacorporations buying up and destroying our culture. You'd think it would be commonly accepted now that "you should have known better" is not a realistic approach to consumer protection.

    • Am4TIfIsER0ppos 3 days ago

      I shouldn't blame ignorant people for funding these practices? (smartphones, code signing, drm) Stop doing it! Stop funding the "destruction of culture". These megacorps use your money to do it. You don't think they get funded by govt to do it do you? That would be crazy(!)

pipeline_peak 4 days ago

> Embracer Group has decided you can’t play it anymore

That’s a real pig headed way of saying that don’t want to exhaust resources into maintaining old games…

  • Volundr 3 days ago

    No one expects them to maintain it. If it breaks with new iOS/Android versions it breaks. If leaderboards go offline, no problem. There's a big difference between not updating the game and pushing an update so existing users can't play it.