jstx1 15 days ago

I'll mix up a few different languages and I'll probably be taking it easy after the halfway mark, and looking up a lot of the solutions. Last year's was very tedious, the instructions get so contrived that just reading through them was a slog.

speedgoose 15 days ago

Like every year I will do the first days and abandon when it becomes too hard and time consuming.

  • thorin 15 days ago

    I'm the same, I don't do enough coding now to solve the problems after the 1st few days without spending significant amounts of time on it.

dunefox 11 days ago

I'll either use Kotlin or something niche like Crystal or Nim.

maximus-decimus 14 days ago

I wanna try to do it in Nim, and solve the problems at compile time for bonus points.

dyeje 15 days ago

Thinking about doing Elixir.

asicsp 15 days ago

I'm working on creating a TUI app for CLI text processing exercises.

brudgers 15 days ago

Avoidance. Advent is not an event that resonates with me.