pokerhobo 15 days ago

This article is a repost from at least 3 months ago. Myerson, Keane, and Kipman are no longer at Microsoft

  • texasbigdata 15 days ago

    Also, without proof, business insider is not a reputable “news” source.

    • factsarelolz 15 days ago

      Thanks Elon.

      • texasbigdata 15 days ago

        Just based on historical experience. On the few things that I know about more than a cursory level the topic is either stale, or not usefully shallow, or incorrect (without attributing malice or incompetence) on Business Insider.

        Not sure how to objectively prove my claim. The evaluating source could also be biased? If anyone has a source proving or disproving BIs merit as a news source, would appreciate you sharing it.

        PS. No idea what Elon has to do with a random newspaper/blog post. Is this a Peter Thiel / Gawker reference? A Bezos / Washington Post allusion? A Bill Gates / Elon Tesla investment thing? You do know they are different people right, and not all famous/rich people are one homogenous blob indistinguishable from one another. And just in general it’s not clear how being rich / prominent qualifies you to be a noteworthy evaluator of news quality, especially when you’re likely frequently mentioned (probably negatively). Totally unfounded, but since humans are drawn to trauma porn, I’d assume 80%+ of news about billionaires is negative, and I’d further assume that 80%+ of billionaires hate the “common person” news outlets. So therefore I’d particularly be hesitant to take their recommendation of what to read. But that’s just a wild guess.

        • factsarelolz 15 days ago

          It was a tongue in cheek reference to Elon Musk calling out Business Insider. Judging by the downvotes I should have been more clear and at least linked to the tweet.

          • texasbigdata 15 days ago

            Ah okay, this I actually know; see exhibit 115-1 on page 15 and repeated on page 23 from FTXs docket [1] managed by Kroll here: (sorry for sloppy screenshot, on my phone).

            What Elon is alluding to is a “roll over”. So, assume you have a house you bought with your brother 60/40% that you want to sell for $1M. What you can do is your brother “rolls over” which amounts to basically (assume no debt aka mortgage) his 40% which mathematically is the same as if he cashed out $400k at close simultaneously with you, and immediately reinvested it into the house with the new buyer. Elons choice of words suggests one of two things: a) no new money came in but FTX rolled over into the take private, reducing the financing Elon had to bring to the table OR b) he did not offer that to FTX and he essentially redeemed their stake and wrote a check at closing. Not sure which is true.

            The exhibit suggests that FTX does indeed own 0%, however considering the required creditor matrix was filed confidentially in redacted fashion with the court, who knows what’s real.

            Kinda nutty how much stuff FTX “bought”.

            1. Warning, rabbit hole:

senectus1 15 days ago

Culture change takes a LOT of effort and time.

It needs persistence, it needs to be drive from the top down AND from the bottom up and everyone needs to be committed to to cause.

You need to be ready to dump people and not hire people that are not compatible with the desired culture.

Just sayin it, and posting out some emails about it will not change anything.

  • fuzzfactor 15 days ago

    The process may be taking place, you would have to have been on the inside for decades to say for sure.

    But from the outside for decades the company still appears badly ballmerized.

kats 15 days ago

Look up BusinessInsider's CEO, he has a long history w/ covering technology companies.

  • jimbob45 15 days ago

    Oh thanks for pointing out that it’s Business Insider. What a worthless publication. Everything from them is sensationalized to the point of fiction.

gjsman-1000 15 days ago

To be honest, when the revelations about Kipman came out, I was not quite surprised. On stage he was always a bit unsettling - I’m not sure if it was the hair style, manner of speaking, or the giant eyeball T-shirt (he actually has photos of himself in at least three different eyeball T-shirts, so it’s a weird fashion choice and not just one that he has). He screamed creepy weird nerd.

dafelst 15 days ago

Kipman got the boot after the original version of this article got released if I remember. Myerson and Keane I am not sure of, they're probably harder to get rid of.

RadixDLT 15 days ago

I am not paying to read this

jkuria 15 days ago

I was also wondering why the date says 11/24. Feels like old news.