csw-001 2 months ago

Looks a lot like YNAB - as a happy YNAB user, I'm just wondering what here would prompt me to switch?

  • catchmeifyoucan 2 months ago

    Been a happy customer of copilot. Mostly on mobile. The MacOS app is something new. Best thing is that it's all automated and it requires minimal set-up, and it's been helpful to see a burn down chart of budgets

masterof0 2 months ago

Why can't all of the graphs and budgeting calculations be done in the front-end? Why should I put my data in your hands? What service do you provide that a native, offline first app like Money in MacOS does not?

randomluck040 2 months ago

It’s only available in the US. Why is that and are there plans to bring in to Europe?