mtmail 2 months ago

The service is asking for Twitter access including tweeting on my behalf and follow/un-follow people. I'm afraid the homepage is not giving enough information or examples to convince me to give that amount of access. Generic info@ email address, generic terms of service. A demo page or screenshots might help.

  • dev-bre 2 months ago

    This is a very good point mtmail. I am going to add screenshots soon.

    In a nutshell skedlo gives you a feed of un-replied mentions that you can reply to straight from the app using the integrated tweet editor.

    That amount of access is standard in the twitter api in order to be able to post on user behalf.

  • mattwest 2 months ago

    I was going to write this exact comment. Landing page doesn't tell me much and I have to log in to my Twitter account through their link? Nope.

    • dev-bre 2 months ago

      This is a very good point Matt, as I already mentioned in the reply to the previous comment ;)