Ask HN: What's an up-and-coming field, media, or technology

10 points by rPlayer6554 2 months ago

Hey HN,

What is something that you see has a lot of potential but is less known? It could be anything: a new technology, a style of music, heck, even a new species of bug that has been discovered. I'd love to learn about new ideas or discoveries people are working on.

throwaway0asd 2 months ago

WebRTC and decentralization. I mean actual decentralization and not crypto bullshit or web services.

  • matt_s 2 months ago

    The web is built on the pattern of servers sending files, or dynamically generated files, around to clients. Those files or programs that generate them always, 100% of the time, reside on servers. It may not be your server or there may be code-less or no-code abstractions but ultimately it’s coming from a server.

    Can you elaborate on what you envision decentralization is? I can’t imagine decentralized anything on the web without servers. Blockchain is a distributed database much like tor, right? But those run on servers and one could argue a distributed DB is still centralized just spread out. That sounds dumb when I read it but a distributed DB is treated as a centralized entity, just replicating data. Not trying to be thick or snarky, I just don’t get what decentralized is supposed to look like.

mattwest 2 months ago


Deep-sea mining

The decision economy

Any technology that substitues niche, but critical, fossil fuel derivatives

  • baxtr 2 months ago

    What’s the decision economy?