Ask HN: Recently posted directory of personal sites/blogs?

2 points by waffl 2 months ago

Within the last month or so, there was a site posted that seemed to be a directory of personal websites/blogs organized by topic/theme that made it to the front page, but for the life of me I can't seem to find it again. The only result I'm finding is (search engine), but this isn't what I'm thinking of.

I seem to recall the site, oddly enough, also having a purple background.

If anyone can refresh my memory it would be greatly appreciated.

orzig 2 months ago

Whether or not, it is what you were thinking of, I have found it super fun in general

  • dredmorbius 2 months ago

    Very likely.

    HN submission: <>

    Algolia search for "blog directory" doesn't turn up the submission, but it does turn up in comments search, restricted to the past month, for those looking for search-fu tips:


    • waffl 2 months ago

      Ah yes, exactly and thanks for the search tips, I felt like I was misremembering something being unable to find what I was looking for!

      • dredmorbius 2 months ago

        Unfortunately for HN, titles make very poor search targets, all the more so because they're often obscure or obscured.

        Comments offer a much larger target. Algolia's other features (searching by site or submitter / comment author), as well as obscure stuff like vote counts (submissions only) can be quite helpful.

        I mine my own comments frequently, and that's a key benefit of using HN.

  • waffl 2 months ago

    Thank you so much, that is precisely what I was looking for (my memory failed me regarding the background colour though, though there are purple elements). Thanks again, much appreciated.

groffee 2 months ago

Search your browser history?