Tell HN: Heroku completely removed app's Postgres db which was on free plan

5 points by Mystery-Machine a year ago

I received an email from Heroku that deployment of some of my apps has failed (because of release phase failure) so I went to check and saw that these apps no longer have db attached to them. They simply removed it and I lost all data.

I understand that they announced few months ago that they are discontinuing their free plan for PostgreSQL. However, I didn't expect them to completely remove my database.

Some of these apps are paid apps. I'm paying $14/mo for web and worker dynos. Heroku's Mini PostgreSQL tier costs $5/mo.

I'd at least hope that they would shut down the database, but allow me to download a backup of my data.

mtmail a year ago

Heroku's email was clear about deletion I think "For non-Enterprise users, `hobby-dev` databases will be deleted in accordance with the Heroku Documentation starting November 28, 2022."

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  • ehaliewicz2 a year ago

    Too bad not every heroku customer received such an email. I did not.

petercooper a year ago

I got caught by this with Redis. On an app that otherwise costs over $100/mo to run. It had a small Redis instance for caching. They could have just upgraded it to the $3/mo plan on our behalf, but no, instead they just deleted it one day and brought the app down for a few hours ;-) I know it's "my bad" but it still left a bad taste in my mouth when they could have upgraded it on my behalf anyway!

test35965 a year ago

Going through this myself right now. I had a paid dyno, but my app is lean enough that I'd never upgraded to a paid postgres instance. I understand why they did this, but I still think it was handled poorly.

I just posted about it on reddit. I can't believe it's only two or three of us in this position.

the__alchemist a year ago

#1: This sucks #2: As you pointed out, this was (From my perspective) reasonably-well communicated through emails and warning messages from the Heroku dashboard.

I think it would be nicer to issue a final warning in the form of shutting down the DB prior to deleting it; unfortunately, that's not what happened.

ryanmccullagh a year ago

If Heroku was clear about timelines, I think it's unfair for you to be upset.

    1. You're not paying for the resource.
    2. They provided sufficient notification for you to plan
  • ehaliewicz2 a year ago

    They could have easily sent an email. As far as I'm aware, I would have only seen it if I logged into the dashboard, however, my app works completely fine and I have no need to do this unless it stops working, which it just did tonight, due to the database being deleted.

  • kavok a year ago

    Just seems like bad practice for them to not scream test this first. Disable the databases for 48 hours, enable them for a week, then delete them. That would give people the same alerts as randomly deleting it but allow them to gracefully recover.

    • bluerooibos a year ago

      Yeah, why not go with at least a soft deletion first? Allow people to transfer to a paid Dyno for up to a month after the change happens or something.