Show HN: Create QuickBooks Sale Receipt from 3rd Party Transactions

5 points by thedangler 7 days ago

Hello everyone. I created a very niche product for my payment gateway customers. They are struggling with the manual process of marking transaction(s) as received in QuickBooks for their franchisor reports and bookkeeping. turns a manual process into an almost fully automated solution by turning a transaction into a Sale Receipt.

We currently support NMi gateways or affiliated gateways and soon importing CSV files.

If you are interested you can join the beta program at Hacker News registrants will be granted access in front of the line.

Have a good day!

nickphx 7 days ago

I noticed a typo on the main page at the bottom under 'Step 2'.

Import your settled transactions from you gateway.

I built something similar for an internet based sweepstakes site to automate the accounting for prizes using quickbooks/intuit API and to print and mail the prize checks.

I have an issue with quickbooks/intuit and their oauth refresh token longevity. It seems that the refresh tokens will expire and are not replaced when you do the normal 'refresh token' dance.. The only work around so far requires the user to go through the oauth ritual to receive a new refresh token. :(

  • thedangler 7 days ago

    Thank you for pointing out the typo.

    I haven't had any issues with the refresh token. I have it refreshing in the background every 59 minutes. Also, if there are any issues they can get a new token pretty quickly.

    This product would typically be used once a week for most clients. So they might have to reconnect anyways.

    It will solve: Gateways having crappy email receipt support. You can have the sale receipt send your quickbooks themed email receipts per location / company.

    Future version will be completely automated. Paysync will be out of the way unless there is an issue that needs correcting.

    • nickphx 6 days ago

      Ah, thanks for the reply. I had it set to refresh every 2 hours. The quickbooks API documentation was unclear on the longevity.

crazymoka 5 days ago

This is crazy useful for me. Will you support stripe?