WalterBright 2 days ago

When I was at Aph around 1978, we all trooped off to some electronics convention. Since my job there was assembling prototype boards, when I was getting the badge at the ticket booth, and I was asked my job title, I said "Gnome".

The guy creating the badge was horrified. He asked me several times if I really wanted this, and I confirmed. The Aph people behind me then gave their job titles as "Wizard", "Nerd", and some other fantasy terms.

Attendees would read our badges and exclaim they should have done the same thing.

Thereafter, this became commonplace.

I don't know if I started this trend, but it seems like I was the first. I wish I'd kept the badge, but who knew?

version_five 2 days ago

There has to be some weighing for if/how they are actually used in the wild. For example, metamates is objectively horrible, but I'm not sure anyone actually uses it. Xoogler, noogler objectively are neutral, but end up sounding super douchy because of how often they get thrown around by actual google people

Also, domosapien

  • ryeights 2 days ago


    LOL. The only one of these I’ve actually liked

    • MollyRealized 2 days ago

      In a theoretical world where "domosapien" was related to a company named after "Mr. Roboto" -- say, a company called Kilroy -- I cold really dig being called that.

  • jmartens 2 days ago

    Great point and examples!

killjoywashere 2 days ago

Army - Soldiers (nailed it)

Navy - Sailors (nailed it)

Marines - Marines (nailed it)

Air Force - Airmen (eh, okay?)

Coast Guard - Coasties (I mean, sure. Welcome, our DoT brethren)

Space Force - Guardians, complete with Star Trek outfits and staring upward into the distance. /sigh

  • techdragon 2 days ago

    While we’re talking about government versions. The NASA astronaut recruits have arguably one of the worst. Their official title is “Astronaut Candidate” but as nothing so long can go un-abbreviated at NASA, they are simply referred to as (even in many official documents) as ASCANs, pronounced “Ass Can”.

  • 5555624 2 days ago

    > Coast Guard - Coasties (I mean, sure. Welcome, our DoT brethren)

    During peacetime, the US Coast Guard is now part of the Department of Homeland Security. (It was part of the Department of Transportation fro 1967 - 2003.)

  • defrost 2 days ago

    Space Cadets would've been the polite goto in Australia .. given collectively the US forces are often referred to as seppos.

jaggederest 2 days ago

Funny story about New Relic: The name is an anagram of the CEO's, "Lew Cirne". Not sure if that's widely known, but he just used it as a placeholder while working as an entrepreneur in residence at a VC fund for his next project, and it stuck.

  • mynegation 2 days ago

    FWIW I think New Relic is an awesome name. It has rhythm and slight hint of controversy to it.

    • pc86 2 days ago

      I'll be honest, I have no idea what a "hint of controversy" is supposed to mean in this context.

      • mynegation a day ago

        Sorry, cannot edit original comment. As an ESL I fell into a classic “false friends” trap. I meant “paradox”, not a “controversy” (that in English usually means something akin to “bad rep”).

      • positr0n 2 days ago

        Probably the juxtaposition of terms New and "Relic" when relics are supposed to be ancient objects.

        • quickthrower2 2 days ago

          “New Relic” describes most code committed in the last week!

      • asplake 2 days ago

        Hint of paradox?

logicalmonster 2 days ago

Facebook = "Metamates" = Peak cringe

  • Sevii 2 days ago

    Please tell me they used to be called "bookies" before that.

    • aristus 2 days ago

      It was "facebookers" in spoken talk, "fbers" written. Former employees are generally referred to as "ex-fb". Many private discussion groups with that in the name.

  • lokokokonut 2 days ago

    Should've just called them Mates

    • kojiromike 2 days ago

      Missed opportunity to call themselves "metahumans" and get the DC Comics lawyers after 'em.

whoibrar 11 hours ago

Not necessarily bad name, but the company where I'm currently in is itself called "CAW", short for "Chimps At Work".

The founder is ex-Microsoft and apparently, Chimp was a title given to Microsoft employees working on new projects.

paxunix 2 days ago

If you're in a building at Amazon, sure, Amazonians. If you're out on the street in Seattle with regular people, it's often Amholes.

open-paren 2 days ago

Adobe employee. I keep trying to get "Adobos" or at least "Adobians" to catch on, but it hasn't yet.

renewiltord 2 days ago

Research in Motion : rimmers

SAP: saps

Snowflake: Snowflakes

Workday: Workers

Microsoft: Softies

Intel: Intelligentsia

Adobe: Dobes

Broadcom: Broads

IBM : Bummers

PayPal: Charge Friends

Uber: Uberalles

Atlassian: Shruggers

Marvell Technology: Kree

Dell: Dellions

  • masenf 2 days ago

    I’ve tried “Dellberts” internally once and it wasn’t well received.

  • xnx 2 days ago

    Uber: Ubermensch

  • 6nf 2 days ago

    Dell: Delldos

  • ComputerGuru 2 days ago

    Did you just make these up? Good job quick thinking!

    > Atlassian: Shruggers

    Ayn Rand?

    > Marvell Technology: Kree


    • klipt 2 days ago

      > Marvell Technology: Kree

      More likely a reference to the recent Captain Marvel movie.

      • ComputerGuru 2 days ago

        I prefer my sci-fi aged and esoteric, like a fine wine. (Haven't watched most of the Marvel movies after it became sequel after sequel six months apart.)

        "Jaffa! Kree!" is timeless (though with no connections to MRVL).

jlarocco 2 days ago

My current company, Anark, we would be "Anark-ists", but we don't actually refer to ourselves that way.

Personally I can't stand that type of name, and think the whole idea is silly and cringy.

moomoo11 2 days ago

Just call them dorks.

- also called something dorky at my job lmao

I like it tho even if it’s a bit cringe. At least we all on the same mission while we working together.

0xbadc0de5 2 days ago

They're all terrible. You're a human being with dignity and a name, not a farm animal. Any employer who tries to name you as the latter should be politely asked to stop.

  • soneil 2 days ago

    I think they're a lot more natural than you make it sound. I mean we have denonyms from placenames. Some of them are fairly rote (newyorker, londoner, dubliner), some take some imagination (okie, mackem, geordie).

    I really don't see why this is any different?

d23 2 days ago

Reddit is snoos. I don't think it's that bad though.

blululu 2 days ago

Pinployees at Pinterest Twilions at Twilio Coinbaes at Coinbase

hooverd 2 days ago

The pivoting pivots of Pivotal Software. gong noise

napsterbr 2 days ago

Stripe: strippers?

  • joshxyz 2 days ago

    Rolls out of the tongue very well.

cperciva 2 days ago

I don't know what YC employees are called, but I really hope they're "Combinations".

  • jahewson 2 days ago

    Surely they should be functions?

taldo 2 days ago

Bending Spoons -> Spooners

Hellion 2 days ago

Credit Karma’s Karmanauts. Oof.

  • shoo 2 days ago

    i hope their compliance department goes by "karma police" internally

cratermoon 2 days ago

At Metal Toad they are Toads.

  • jmartens 2 days ago

    That's bad, but I am sure there are worse!

rcarmo 2 days ago

Innies, in Severance? :)

rl1987 2 days ago

Scoot Pte Ltd: Scooties.

upghost 2 days ago

Atos. Astros. Heh.

gedy 2 days ago

Citrix: Citrites