I_am_tiberius 4 days ago

Normally when I look at next.js sites, I see a div tag with id="__next" but here I don't. I've never used next.js so I have no idea if this is the new version or if you can customize the name of the root next.js id.

heresjohnny 4 days ago

Looks slick! One minor bug (or feature?) is that the homepage doesn’t start at the top; the center of the viewport is “Japanese green teas are […].” I can scroll to the top after it has loaded, but that seems a bit odd. This is on my iPhone.

titodini 5 days ago

Nice! Looks really clean. I see you're using tailwind which is my go to for next projects as well. Are you using any packages for animation?

cloudking 6 days ago

Awesome work, the aesthetics are pleasing and it loads incredibly fast. What stack did you use on the backend?