Panini_Jones 5 days ago

In Britain during WWI and WWII, there was a campaign where women would commonly shame men who weren't in uniform by putting white feathers on them [0]. Although arguably different, some of the same mechanisms, e.g. using sex to encourage enlistment, are at play.

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rcme 5 days ago

> Cosplay commandos are posting nationalist thirst traps to mobilise the SIMPs – but why?

Love this tagline. But it looks like the answer is marketing?

  • Vecr 5 days ago

    I don't think "simp" is an acronym or anything like that, it's just short for simpering, right? "Simp" = "One who simpers"

    • yucky 5 days ago

      Simp isn't an acronym (I don't think, or at least not generally used as one), it's just slang. It's not derived from simpering though, it doesn't mean anything like that. It refers to sad men who are led around by their nose by women who have no interest in them. Those men are simps (also known as white knights, suckers, marks etc).

finnthehuman 5 days ago

They market everything else. So, why not?

  • bibanez 5 days ago

    Because war is unambiguously suffering, only serial killers can enjoy it!

2OEH8eoCRo0 5 days ago

Good. 4 years in the service was the best decision of my life.

  • dghlsakjg 5 days ago

    Did you read the article? you think it’s a good thing that psy-ops soldiers are using sex as a selling point for national service?

    Kids shouldn’t be lured into the forces because they think they’ll find a trad-wife or some waifu fantasy. They should know what they’re signing up for, and this ain’t it.

    • psychphysic 5 days ago

      Crikey imagine having to rely on simps to man your army.

      • speed_spread 5 days ago

        It's an equilibrium. You also need your army to give your simps something to do. Prevents them from starting to question authority and priorities.