50 9 months ago

It reminds me of how I stumbled upon the concept of soundscape ecology just a few months ago, e.g., listen to Bernie Krause's The Great Animal Orchestra[1].

Furthermore, tangentially related, from The Work of Wind: Land[2]: "Can we imagine alternative somatic modes of attention developed through a cultural ecology of perceiving and residing within the environment? How can we extend our cognition of the air, and our somatic modes of attention, so that we are no longer just passive receivers or dangerous modifiers of the atmosphere. To diffuse new sensory practices would also bring new forms of knowledge and engagement with everyday elements and substances. These exercises to re-attune our somatic modes of attention to the air can be conceived of as a way of rethinking how we can coexist with the planet and its resources. What would a new sensory ecology feel like? What are the new somatic modes of attention necessary to reverse the extractive approach to Earth and its inhabitants?"

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btrinTDDjnQ 2. https://k-verlag.org/books/the-work-of-wind-land/

LesZedCB 9 months ago

a praxis of Latour's Facing Gaia. beautiful.