Ask HN: When to start looking for a new JOB?

5 points by vipvipv a year ago

Hello all,

I've been working in the tech department of a FAANG company for about 3 yrs. as a S/W engineer in a fairly lucrative position. However, things have gotten to the point where I am starting to grow bored and fairly uninterested in my current position.

Thanks to having avoided being laid off, I am hesitant to just start looking for the fear of losing what I have but I know this is not a good position for me, in the longer term. The product is not interesting anymore and I feel the new team can do an adequate job.

When would you start looking for startup jobs? Would you wait or should I just go for it now? Am I being crazy looking for a new job in this current market when I have something?

I feel fairly dissatisfied with my current position but people are advising me to stay in the current job for the good paycheck!

ljf a year ago

If you are dissatisfied then (in my opinion) you have two main choices - get out or stay and find something you like about your job.

If you aren't happy there, consider what is making you stay. Is it just the salary or or do you have a good team and learning opportunities around you?

If the only thing keeping you is money, then start looking now - you are likely bored and it will be showing to your team. You might have survived redundancy so far, but if you are disconnected from your role you'll soon be at risk in a FAANG company with the current squeezes.

If you feel there is good work to be done at the company, but you aren't doing it, start seeing how you can put yourself into that work - talk make contacts, reach out, share passion projects, be a squeaky wheel and point out issues you want to fix.

devstein a year ago

In my opinion, it's always good to be regularly interviewing and talking to other companies. I don't think the job search process should be so binary.

Start talking to other companies, reply to some recruiting emails that interest you, etc. It doesn't mean you have to leave you current position, but talking to other companies forces clarify what you are really looking for in your job and potential next opportunity. It also helps you get a sense of what other companies are looking for if you end up deciding the time is right for something new.

iExploder a year ago

is sabbatical or moving to another team an option? why leave the company altogether?