stefanos82 a year ago

@dang, if you are reading this, can we make the black bar clickable, so it can take us to the original message that announces the passing of the deceased person?

If that is not possible, at least can we get something like, for example

  === RIP Gordon Moore ===
something along these lines of format, assuming the === is the black line?

It would help a lot.

  • knikes a year ago

    I'll even take a text hover message. Every time the black bar is shown there are multiple questions about why its there. Seems like an easy problem to solve.

adastra22 a year ago

Gordon Moore.

  • petodo a year ago

    Thanks, but it seems he died yesterday and yesterday there was no stripe for me.

    • adastra22 a year ago

      There was after the news hit. The stripes last more than a day.

    • toomuchtodo a year ago

      It is a manual process dang and co must do. There is latency between memorial posting and black bar.