Ask HN: My submission didn't show up on HN Shownew, but also isn't dead

5 points by jorisboris a year ago

I posted two days ago

It shows up in Shownew when I'm logged in, but not when logged out. So my assumption is no-one sees it.

It's not [dead] either.

My assumptions are that:

(1) The OnRender URL is auto-blocked

(2) I wrote something wrong in my content (which isn't visible now anymore so cannot check).

Got screenshots as well but too afraid to upload a URL now :D

Tried as well but no reply yet.

Thanks for helping out

dang a year ago was banned because of past abuses by spammers. I've unbanned it so you can post your submission now.

In the future, please follow the site guidelines and email with this kind of thing. I only found out about this because another user did that for you.

  • jorisboris a year ago

    Thanks so much. I'll read the guidelines and relaunch!

gus_massa a year ago

Just a few side questions about your post of airports:

Did you cherry pick a small amount of airports with nice photos or you are just choosing a random airport from a list of all airports in the world? Are you using an API to get the photos and location for the map?

  • jorisboris a year ago

    Thanks for your questions. Not really the intent of my post but happy to answer:

    The database is publicly available on this Notion page:

    I just added airports I knew, or looked interesting. I fetched the pics from Jetphotos manually.

    Then using the Google API to search for the ICAO code + airport, eg "EHAM airport". Up to now, Google always hit the target.

ofalkaed a year ago

I think there might be an up vote minimum for posts to show up on Ask/Show, I have noticed quite a few submissions with few or no votes do not make it those pages.

  • jorisboris a year ago

    But it should show up to Shownew? That's where it doesn't show up. Sorry if I didn't clarify that, will edit.

    • ofalkaed a year ago

      Right, it only shows up in the new posts for people logged in, community needs to approve it before people not logged in can see it. Helps keep spam down.

      • jorisboris a year ago

        Thanks, so if I understand correct the flow is:

        1) visible on shownew for logged in members until threshold reached

        2) visible on shownew for everyone until (other?) threshold reached

        3) visible on Show Hn

        • ofalkaed a year ago

          No idea if that is correct, it is conjecture on my part. Quick look through the Show page shows no posts without a vote. Karma may play into it as well, posters with lower karma needing more votes to get on the Show page. HN seems to purposefully avoid giving away the specifics of such things, which I think is a good thing.

uptownfunk a year ago

I have observed the same. I suspect there is some undocumented shadow banning of select topics that aren’t meant to be discussed here for whatever reason.

jorisboris a year ago

[Solution] Apparently it was dead, you just don't see [dead] as the author. Thanks Aaron695.