Ask HN: Anyone know any OpenAI API hosted alternatives?

10 points by thomasfromcdnjs 14 days ago

I am explicitly looking for API alternatives (not guis) to call GPT-3 models (don't necessarily need ChatGPT memory behavior)

Unfortunately, OpenAI's api offering has slowed down a lot and is extremely inconsistent in response times. (I'm assuming they are struggling to scale and/or sometimes you get session-ed up with a congested data centre)

This is a pretty common theme for the past few months in their community forums ->

If anyone knows a less congested alternative I would greatly appreciate it (don't mind if it's of lesser quality responses)

aiunboxed 14 days ago

Yes that is the truth the open AI API is indeed very slow and inconsistent. Have heard people say that Azure open AI integration is a little better ?

Claude is also under limited preview right now.

Also waiting for some reliable API which can be used in customer facing applications

  • krishadi 14 days ago

    Claude isn't super fast either. It's about a third or so.

kgbcia 13 days ago

What do people think about a self hosted gpt-j 6b model?