jchw a year ago

I found this very interesting! I really, really hope for a "return to form" some day with the internet, even though I know deep down things will never quite be the same. I used to be involved with community forums both as a user and moderator/admin and I hope we can find a way to make that work again; it was far from perfect, but I can think of hardly anything about it I don't prefer to the status quo with conversation on social media.

> Google introduced a system capable both of scaling and resisting attack (significantly, resistant to a greater degree than Advogato's trust metric). A modified PageRank algorithm could take into account the positive and negative links between users, establishing overall assessments of users useful for distinguishing malicious users from normal users and for dispensing selective incentives to users producing valued contributions.

Well, this aged... interestingly. I'm not sure if PageRank holds up anymore, and either way, Google search is rapidly falling into disrepair. It seems the attacks have caught up.