Show HN: Open-Source Public Second Brain Built with Obsidian and Quartz

17 points by articsputnik a year ago

My Public Second Brain ( is built with the help of a wonderful tool called Quartz ( Obsidian ( has become my favorite for note-takers, given its flexible and linked structure that closely mirrors our natural way of thinking. With Quartz, I was able to seamlessly publish my Obsidian notes to a public vault, providing the groundwork for my Public Second Brain.

The journey of making this possible involved some scripting as well. I wrote a python script, (, which is integrated into the Makefile ( This script's purpose is to locate all the notes in my Obsidian Vault tagged with #publish and copy them into the Quartz git-repo.

When I'm ready to update my public brain, all it takes is a simple command - `make deploy`. This command will publish all the recently tagged notes to (, ensuring the Second Brain stays updated.

Want to see it in action? Here's a recorded example of How I upload to my Public Second Brain - asciinema (

I'm excited about the transparency and accessibility that my Public Second Brain offers. It's a dynamic, growing entity, just like our human brains with backlinks and its graph view. You can find more details about my Public Second Brain here (

Stay curious, keep learning, and perhaps, see you in the world of open-source knowledge! By the way, I also wrote about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) workflows (, in case that is something you got interested in.

quickthrower2 a year ago

Thanks for the reminder about obsidian. I just installed it and have found it useful to take some notes and the latex plugin is lit.

pozol a year ago

I’ll definitely try this out, I’ve been wanting to work on a digital garden again

  • articsputnik a year ago

    Nice. Let's remember the old days when everyone had their own blogs :). The more who share their knowledge on personal blogs, the better. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, or the Quartz Discord ( is also a lovely small helping community.