eswenson 12 days ago

We have quite a few machines running ITS, LISPM, and other OSs on the chaosnet today. See for details.

pledess 13 days ago

It says "Usage of Chaosnet presumably waned as Lisp machines became less and less popular." That's basically true, but there was substantial Chaosnet usage from multi-user machines (e.g., UNIX, VMS, TOPS-20). Once you had a Sun-3 or MicroVAX, though, you probably left Chaosnet behind.

  • p_l 13 days ago

    Arguably lisp machines were the last bastion of chaosnet, as even in somewhat later models chaosnet over ethernet could be easier to setup than other protocols.

    That said, Symbolics Genera made all of It's services work over I think all protocols it supported (so chaosnet, serial lines, IP, etc)