baumschubser 13 days ago

While it looks like an absolute stunning place, most of the photos have a compressed dynamic range that really make me physically hard to focus anything. Really an extreme case of "pulling 'HDR' to 11".

  • devb 12 days ago

    Which pictures, exactly? They look pretty well balanced to me, and the histograms agree.

  • loa_in_ 11 days ago

    Only the white flower in the forest one seems unnatural

  • NegativeK 12 days ago

    The death of highlights and shadows.

api_or_ipa 12 days ago

Very cool. Being born and raised in the province, when someone mentions the BC coast, I immediately conjure up a mental image of soaring mountains, glistening glaciers, heavily forested mountain-sides and deep fjords. I'll admit, I had no idea there was anything but the image I just described. Never knew there were significant bogs in the area. Sounds like I need to do more exploring of this beautiful coast line!