tikkun 12 days ago

1. Embedding databases: pgvector, storing embeddings in plain json (if you don't have too many), chroma, weaviate, pinecone

2. Fine-tuning: The better a model is, the more it's worth fine tuning it. GPT-4 is the best model by far. To fine tune it you need to be an OpenAI foundry customer, 6 figures plus spend. Otherwise, any GPU compute provider can allow you to fine tune an open model

3. Interfaces: Not quite sure what you mean here, but Vercel has some templates/open source examples

kacperlukawski 12 days ago

Definitely Qdrant is a great option. It's an open source vector DB, so you can experiment locally without any cost, but if you prefer managed solution Qdrant Cloud is an option: https://cloud.qdrant.io/