zacharypatten 12 days ago

I have been working on the, which is a bunch of simple, open-source games written in C# with the goal of providing educational examples to new software developers. There are more than 40 games in the repository, and I plan on continuing to make more in the future, and contributions are very welcome. I also ported the games to the web using C#'s blazor webassembly so you can play the games right in the browser:

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the C# community, but I wanted to share the repository here as I feel it could be helpful to other communities too. Even if you are not interested in C#, each of the games could be easily coded in other languages too. So, if you know someone who is learning to code and is looking for fun beginner-level coding projects maybe encourage them to give the repository a look.

Thanks. :)

zhawn 11 days ago

I was ready to be underwhelmed but the little dance animation the stickman performs between falling to his death (followed by some ASCII gore) in hangman was a pleasant surprise!

Did you use a specific library for the Web-based Console output emulation?

  • zacharypatten 11 days ago

    The source code for the website is inside the repository in the "Website" project. I'm not using any libraries. I just Implemented a "BlazorConsole" and redirected all the "System.Console" calls to call my "BlazorConsole" instead, and I just render the state of the console in HTML. So the emulation is custom.