tkiolp4 12 days ago

I’ve tried two times (once 1 year ago and one more time one month ago) without success to register an account on Hetzner. They always end up either directly rejecting me or asking for my ID/passport. There’s simply no chance I’m giving a copy of my passport (which is not even a guarantee of admission) to such a private company. I guess I’ll stay with digital ocean.

  • TigerTeamX 12 days ago

    I would say the same for almost any company, but I've been with Hetzner for like 7 years and the prices, support and up-time is unbeatable. They're this German company, and if anyone knows Germans there are very keen on security. I trust my ID there more than I do at any bank that have it.

  • aborsy 12 days ago

    Yeah, like, why should I give a copy of my passport to sellers? It’s not norm.

    It could be used by a disgruntled employee for identity theft. Or they dump them in an insecure location that is breached.

  • mmsnberbar66 12 days ago

    > There’s simply no chance I’m giving a copy of my passport


    • TechBro8615 12 days ago

      You could try giving it to them and blurring the passport number. They're not doing anything extreme with it and I doubt they're even checking it against any database - they just want to stop fraud and disincentivize bad actors from using their network. I'm sure if you asked they would be fine with a blurred passport number and a recorded Skype call to verify you're the same person as in your passport photo.

elliewithcolor 12 days ago

It’s a) a mixed calculation. Not everyone is using the 1TB and the Transfer. b) Storage at scale is cheap. c) Transfer is even cheaper at scale. d) It’s “only” on one Server with a raid system e.g. no cloud with multiple copy’s.

  • TechBro8615 12 days ago

    Transfer basically costs $0 for them because they pay for capacity ("size of the pipe"), e.g. $0.50/mbps to their IP transit vendors. When cloud companies charge you for transfer ("stuff through the pipe") e.g. $0.1/gb, they're basically extracting "free money" from you. They want to charge you some minimal amount for transfer to disincentivize everyone filling the pipe, but they don't actually need to do that to cover their costs. Hetzner is taking an alternative approach of capping transfer instead of pricing it per GB.

  • TigerTeamX 12 days ago

    Thanks for the explanation Ellie.

seydor 11 days ago

Because that's what it costs when you're not maximizing shareholder profits or paying silicon valley wages.

smoldesu 12 days ago

Storage is cheap. I personally wouldn't buy into this because a 1TB drive is only like $30 nowadays, but you do you.

  • TigerTeamX 11 days ago

    but what if I'd like to use it on a server? :P

    • smoldesu 11 days ago

      Servers are cheaper than ever, too.