How does ChatGPT write limericks?

4 points by vba616 a year ago

An error message from ChatGPT (not a session of mine, but ostensibly generated as a response to a prompt):

"Write a limerick about the status of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is surely the best But its servers are put to the test With so many users chatting It's no wonder they're lagging But they'll fix it soon, no need to fret!"

Not being a limerick expert, something seems off besides the final rhyme. And the confusing use of "they".

"Lines one, two, and five have three feet, that is to say three stressed syllables, while lines three and four have two stressed syllables. The number and placement of the unstressed syllables is rather flexible. There is at least one unstressed syllable between the stresses but there may be more – as long as there are not so many as to make it impossible to keep the equal spacing of the stresses."

ttctciyf a year ago

An LLM, chat G-P-T

Was terrible at poetry

No concept of stress

Made its scansion a mess

And it rhymed but approximately