Michael_Fayez 12 days ago

Hey there, HackerNews community! This is Michael, founder of HelperPress, I am thrilled to introduce our innovative multi-module WordPress widget - HelperPress. Elevate your business and customer support experience with this versatile widget that offers seamless compatibility with all WordPress themes and most plugins.

In celebration of our Version 1.0 release, we're rolling out a limited-time lifetime deal available exclusively until the end of this month. Don't miss this opportunity to secure HelperPress at an exceptional price!

Key benefits of HelperPress include:

Privacy and Control: HelperPress puts you in control of your data, offering unparalleled privacy and customization compared to cloud-based solutions.

Exceptional Customization: Tailor HelperPress to suit your brand, and effortlessly integrate it into your website for a wide range of applications, whether you offer products, services, or manage an e-commerce store.

Cost-Efficient: Seize our limited-time lifetime deal, which provides a significant price advantage in contrast to subscription-based cloud solutions.

Adaptable Multi-Module Solution: HelperPress currently features 2 robust modules, with more in the pipeline. Easily add and organize business resources, accept inquiries, handle support requests, and gather valuable leads. HelperPress caters to various business needs, including:


Find out how our multi-module WordPress widget can transform your online presence. Remember to take advantage of our exclusive lifetime deal for the Version 1.0 release!

Please share your questions or feedback in the comments – we'd love to engage with the HackerNews community and hear your thoughts!