arthurcolle 12 days ago

Right now you can take a photo of any plant/animal and if you click on the little (i) icon that is on the photo icon on the file (which should now feature a little starry twinkle on it), it can identify it. Super cool, and works actually scary well!

  • gcanyon 12 days ago

    MacOS only? I don't see it on iOS?

    • arthurcolle 12 days ago

      Example: (no adult content, not sure why that was selected)

      • gcanyon 11 days ago

        Got it -- I was looking at something that I thought ML should be able to identify, but it apparently disagreed. So the 'i' wasn't special, and no 'identify this' feature was available. I tried again with a plant and it happily worked.

        There was an aspect to Balloon Help 25 years ago that if something was disabled/not available, Balloon Help was supposed to tell you why it wasn't available. I miss that feature.

franciscop 12 days ago

Something I haven't seen commented anywhere, Spotlight+Finder now ML-searches all the images in my computer as well. There's 0 information about that online!