akasakahakada 12 days ago

Who made this? I thought it is just some memes but the amount is insane.

  • ftxbro 12 days ago

    maybe robots made them

  • smoldesu 12 days ago

    A tribe of Mongolian basket weavers.

spondylosaurus 12 days ago

"Anime girls" but the very first photo is Astolfo...

hxugufjfjf 12 days ago

Can I get this with Tolkien books, please and thank you?

krapp 12 days ago

No Lain under Lisp. I am disappoint.

skellyclock 12 days ago

There is one misnamed under C

It's currently named 'Asuka Backflip With C Programming Language' but it should be 'worst slut backflip with C programming language'