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Software engineer and developer of Things Apple, living in New York.


My HN handle is also my GitHub handle, LinkedIn handle, Medium handle, Hackernoon handle, Changelog handle, Keybase handle, GitLab handle, SourceForge handle, BitBucket handle, Swift Forums handle, Apple Developer Forums handle, Reddit handle, Facebook handle, Instagram handle, Twitter handle, Vimeo handle, Ars Technica handle, handle, Cofounders handle, IndieHackers handle, and AngelList handle.

Basically, if you find “ChrisMarshallNY” anywhere, it’s probably me (except Pinterest).

This is my StackOverflow page:

NOTE: Most of the above are “placeholders.” I’m mainly active here, StackOverflow, and GitHub (code repo, not community).

I have two companies:

If you need to contact me, both those sites have contact forms. I'll get the email.


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