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Currently playing with SDR, ML, and IoT systems.

Formerly VP of Engineering at Blekko Inc (search engine), formerly part of the Watson group at IBM.

Influences: Sun, Startups, NetApp, Google Interests: Systems, Distributed Systems, really hairy convoluted inter-dependent systems. Hobbies: Robots, Embedded control, Music, Automata.

Feel free to contact me at my gmail address:

Important: If you are looking at this profile because you thought something I posted was Wrong, dismissive, disrespectful, douchebaggish, what have you, I would really like to hear from you so that I could understand how you got that impression. I won't get mad, I won't "retaliate" I just want to hear what you have to say. It is important to me to communicate clearly and if something I said struck you that way then I failed and I would like to correct it.

Note: Any comments on this site attributed to me are my opinions and not those of any current, past, or future employer. Consider yourself so notified.