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"Spelling everything out is against the spirit of the site. On HN it's good for readers to have to work a little, and the audience is smart enough to figure things out." (Source:

I have had a fair number of "sleeper" posts that made 10 or 20 points without ever making the front page, such as this nifty 24 second long video on Twitter of "walking ice" on a Siberian river:

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I run a couple of very low traffic Google Groups.

Blind Dev Works!forum/blind-dev-works

Health Techies!forum/health-techies

I still have fantasies the research I did as a student will someday make some kind of difference in the SFBA: -------------

PSA about invasively "friendly" comments/questions aimed at women or other vulnerable people:

If you have an open source project, consider making it possible for a business to get an invoice from you.