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Hello, I am Joe. <-- at is my email. I'll definitely see it if you put ~HN~ at the start, too.

Primarily, I work on a framework entitled Awayto, which is intended to be a quick-start saas platform for freelancers and businesses. There are 2 versions of Awayto, cloud [1] and bare metal [2]. The first version of Awayto is an AWS-based solution (lambda, cognito, s3, rds, cloudfront, cloudformation). Awayto Version 2 is a bare metal deployment (k8s or compose, keycloak, graylog, nginx, postgres, express, redis, hugo-based mkt/landing, react app, turn/stun).

My first real big project as a dev was to expand on an existing platform to turn it into an online writing center. Now I'm going back over the idea with a fine tooth comb. In order to derive functionality for that concept, I develop a platform currently called "wc" modeled on an online writing center. It has things like saas based group organization, rbac, scheduling, voice/video, etc. Wc is the underpinning codebase of Awayto Version 2 and does not yet have a quick install path like the first version; this should be ready mid-late 2023.

While working on wc, I also came up with my own kind of coding assistant/importable ai tool, Wizard's Apprentice [3]. It provides a small kit of functionality for collecting data on openai usage, prompt design, response validation, and other stuff. It can be run on the command line with npx, or be imported into Typescript projects. In its current iteration, it is able to edit any file in my Typescript project resulting in a pr on github that I can review, have it expand on, approve or deny. I believe reliance on tools like Wizapp is our near future reality, so I wanted to have my own.

Demos of Awayto and Wizapp can be found on youtube, and they are absolutely dated for now [4]. I also stream all my coding on twitch and help chatters with their software development questions [5].