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Hello. After 20 years recruiting for startups, I now help people with career advice and writing services (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, bios). My clients are mostly software engineers, CTOs, product managers, startup founders transitioning into jobs, digital marketers, et al., but I've worked with many clients outside tech as well.

* I write resumes, bios, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc and provide career consulting (search strategy, negotiation, rebranding, career 'rehab', transitions, etc.)

* I also am available for other writing projects including web content, exec bios, job descriptions, etc.

* I sometimes help companies establish and/or maintain their employer and engineering brands in order to avoid paying recruiter fees,

* I'm the former founder/president of the Philly Java Users Group (2000 - 2015),

Blog at jobtipsforgeeks.com (dormant) Founder at fecak.com and resumeraiders.com

[email protected] or [email protected] are the best ways to reach me.

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