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Here's a Class of things worth saying in Public:

There's a Method to this madness:

Try to understand where I'm coming from.

There is a Catch: All views expressed on any topic are always my own personal opinions, not that of my employer or anyone else.

/* for that matter, my views may not even permanently reflect my own opinions, because I might change my mind based on new evidence or arguments or just further pondering about any topic! */

Another Catch: Also, I am not a lawyer and nothing I say should be construed as legal advice.

Another Catch: so, sometimes a comment might sound mean. Sorry. I either didn't mean that, or did briefly mean it but will regret it later :) don't take me too seriously, we are just people shooting the shit on the net...

Finally: if reading my comments caused you to take Exception to them in any other manner, I would like to catch it, log it, rollback the current transaction, and proceed like nothin ever happened.


Or we can rewrap that jawn as unchecked if that's how you wanna play it