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Jacques Mattheij

blog: https://jacquesmattheij.com/

twitter: http://twitter.com/jmattheij

Founder of modularcompany.com , we do Technical Due Diligence for investors (early stage, VC, PE), vendors and acquirers in Europe and the Near East.

Partner at Tablomonto.com. If you have an interesting early stage startup in The Netherlands I would like to hear from you.

Founder of camarades.com / ww.com, creator of the first 'streaming webcam software'.

Small time angel investor, > 20 investments to date, > 20K < 100K Happy to report that now three of those have exited with nice returns.

My email is jacques@modularcompany.com, phone + 31 6 30 366 241, Netherlands

Feel free to contact me anytime, except for large money transfers from African countries or such.

And please don't even think of approaching me to get your stuff posted or upvoted, if you want something posted do it yourself, if you want stuff to be upvoted post interesting stuff!