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    Location: California

    Willing to relocate: No

    Remote: Remote only

    Résumé/CV: https://justin-lloyd.com/ (psst, scroll down and right)

    LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/justinlloyd

    EMail: justin@justinlloyd.io

    Technologies: Rust, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Kotlin, Java, Go, Assembler, OpenCV, OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenAI, OpenCompute, MCT, TensorFlow, PyTorch and more
Autonomous vehicles, robotics, computer vision and machine vision, virtual reality, augmented reality, SLAM & D-SLAM, multiple sensor fusion, deep learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, GPU programming, Mediapipe, embedded firmware, board bring-up, Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, high-speed/low-latency message queues, high-frequency trading, trading prediction systems, super-low-latency video processing/streaming, optimization, build pipelines, kernel drivers (Windows, Linux, macOS), low-level systems programming, software tooling development, direct CNC robotics programming, game engines & video games, blockchains & cryptocurrency, on-chain programming (ETH & Chia & Solana, Lisp, Solidity, JVM), lots of other stuff.

Masters Computer Science, Masters Artificial Intelligence, Masters Business Administration, Masters Project Management, Masters Entrepreneurship (Marketing & Communications) and a few other qualifications in electronics, contract & intellectual property law, accounting, marketing, project management and HR.

Looking for either a fullly hands-on, individual contributor role or a fullly hands-off, leadership role. 20+ years of tech leadership. Gainfully employed, but open to opportunity. Not meaning to sound entitled but be aware, I ain't quitting my current job for a $100k offer. The first question I'm going to ask you is about compensation range.

Past: Facebook, Apple, eBay, Activision, Ericsson. Hired as engineer #1/#2 at six start-ups, four of which were acquired.

Past titles: VP Eng, Technical Lead, Chief Technology Officer, Principal Engineer, CEO of a good sized business. Helped raise $60M in funding.

Current title: Lead Engineer (Deep Learning Computer Vision & Perception)