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Thoughtful feedback is appreciated, in general. My email address is found in the footers of these two sites: -- a tech-simple site with many thoughts on many subjects important to me, very skimmable but no ambition in visual style; https later; nothing for sale until I get healthy and then if you want to pay for software development/systems consulting. Suggestions/questions welcome. aka OM: available and in daily use, but most progress is on hold until health improves. A highly effective (desktop) knowledge manager, text UI, Free (AGPL), using Scala and PostgreSQL (hoping to move to Rust and sqlite). Something like an efficient combination of mindmap, zettelkasten and GTD in one, with much greater ambitions including for linking instances for collaboration; see site links to screen shots for some idea of how I organize/categorize things. Low-volume announcements email list available (under "community"). (Https planned for sometime.)